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Our Products

At The Old Boathouse you will find an extensive range of groceries for your immediate needs.

Where possible we stock local Cornish produce.

Vegetables and fruit are available on a regular basis including bananas, apples, oranges, lemons and salad items and Cornish Early new potatoes from Trevere Farm in Sennen when in season.

Many of our fresh local products you will find cheaper than the big supermarkets and equal to if not superior in quality and, of course, ours do not have to travel up half the country and back before you buy them.


Most of our meat is sourced from an excellent local butcher. In the fridge we will generally have his smoked back and home cure bacon.

In the freezer we will have rib eye steaks, chicken supremes, locally made burgers, mince steak and fantasic local sausages. These are supplemented with regular commercial brand names in mainly price marked packs to guarantee best value prices.

We also stock westcountry ham and pork sausages in the frige.



We supply Cornish full fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk all in litre sizes. Sorry, we do not have the space for smaller bottlles. Our butter and milk comes from Trewithen Farm and mature cheddar from Davidstow and Cathedral City mild cheddar. During the high season and on demand we stock natural yoghurt and Trewithen double and single cream.

Our Cornish clotted cream is supplied by Rodda's, who else? We also stock Curds & Croust outstanding brie and camembert alongside traditional Cornish yarg and Cornish blue cheeses.

Our eggs come from Ding Dong Eggs just down the road at Madron and pop out of the shell with nice big yellow yolks. You will never want eggs from anywhere else again.


We take orders for fresh fish which are delivered the next day (except Sunday). Nearly all our fish comes from W. Stevenson of Newlyn and will have been caught eitheer by inshore day boats or netters and trawlers in the Western Approaches.

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified Cornish hake as well as pollack, megrim sole, MSC Cornish sardines, John Dory, lemon sole, monk fish, haddock and many more in season fish and shellfish. See our fish list for a cross section of what is available. Please ask if what you want is not on this list as Newlyn has one of the widest ranges of fish available of any fish market in the country. Cuts and sizes prepared to your requirements.

Drop in and ask about our fish. You may be surprised how easy it is.

Sample, easy fish recipes available, full instructions for cooking and picking crab and lobster and we can even lend you a pot to cook it in when ordering from us.



Our pasties come from Prima Bakeries in Scorrier who use local meat and vegetables. The pasties are made by hand by bakers who take care over their products. We sell both traditional steak Cornish pasties and a cheese and vegetable variant which is suitable for vegetarians.

Our sliced bread comes from the same bakery and is available daily.

Throughout the season we also stock saffron cake, hevva cake, scones and other cakes from Prima's extensive range.

At busier times half baguettes and bloomers, cooked on the premises are available. Outside the main season we are happy to bake these to order.

Cornish Preserves & Honey

Cornish Preserves & Honey

We have stocked Sisley's award winning Cornish preserves and chutneys for many years and their range is still as popular and delicious as ever.

We also have a range of Cornish honey prepared by a couple from the Truro area. As well as runny honey and soft, they also make a walnut honey. Wildflower honey available in two sizes, 110g and 227g.

From time to time we also sell our own honey from hives in Sennen village and produced from local wildflower pollen.

Cornish Biscuits

Cornish Biscuits

A wide range of Furniss biscuits are stocked including the famous Cornish Fairings. This fine old Cornish brand has had its ups and downs in the past but is now back.

We also stock Cornish POPTI savoury biscuits in three different flavours, including Parmesan and Cornish Sea Salt and Seaweed.

Cornish Peanut Butter

Cornish Peanut Butter

A love of Peanut Butter led husband and wife team Andrew and Lisa Newsham to search for the perfect blend.

On a trip of a lifetime to New Zealand in a camper van called Freda they had a moment of inspiration to develop their own unbelievably tasty brand. Uniquely flavoured, deeply roasted, natural and organic with the perfect crunch- this is Peanut Butter but better!

We will be stocking the crunchy, sea salt and chocolate flavours initially.

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