Last Ever Sennen Cove Diary

Last Ever Sennen Cove Diary

The Cove Diary 2 commences where the other left off but has been some time in the backroom being turned into a book - the title alone took a team of PR guru's a year to think up. Unlike the first book, this one is a monument to good value, containing more words, more pages and even some pictures, oh, and a map of stunning detail and accuracy. Alright, it is a few pennies dearer but in the intervening years we have been through a recession and several increases in the price of beer.

If you like your humour dry, or even humorous, the wit cutting and the descriptions of Cornish loveliness vivid, then go buy another book altogether. The Cove Diary celebrates none of these literary essentials and flatly tells you about survival on the edge of sanity in a place where people come because there is no further place on land to go. There are departures including the Cornish ability to dig holes and how, in truth, it was the Cornish who dug the Suez Canal, the mysterious disappearance of a Nepalese male voice choir and how Hans Christian Anderson came about the ideas for his famous fairy tales.

Seriously, this book is about 1.4kg and will not fit through your letter box. It will still be delivered by the Royal Mail shortly before the posties go on strike after realising what they are carrying.

The book will be signed by the author, unless you express otherwise, and special (short) messages or dedications can be added, just let me know in the comments section.

COMING SOON: Do not fancy hefting this might tome or do not have a sherpa to hand? This book will be available as an e-book shortly.